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The Department of Political Science & International Relations began as the Department of Law and Politics on August 15, 1946, when the Bosung Professional School was transformed into Korea University. At that time, there were few Political Science Courses provided in the Department of Politics and Law. Overtime, however, the study of Political Science developed into an independent sector within the Department. By 1949, education and research in the study of politics began to take a new turn, and Political Science became more prominent. In 1955, the Department joined the College of Liberal Arts, and in 1959, it was upgraded as the School of Political Science and Economics. As a result, the Department was reborn as the Department of Political Science & International Relations

Until the 1990s, the Department and the University maintained a steady Course. In order to keep up with ongoing changes in the educational environment and in an effort to forge a leading position in advanced studies in Korea, Korea University began new efforts to develop, Sustain, and revitalize its educational and research programs. By the end of the decade, these efforts had paid off, as the University's programs had become highly recognized both in and Outside of Korea.

In 1999, the College System was adopted and undergraduates began to choose their majors in their sophomore year. According to the 2001 University Evaluation Conducted by the Joong Ang Daily, the faculty at Korea University ranked the highest in research and teaching

Once again in 1999, our Department was chosen as the sole project Corps for the "Brain Korea 21 Initiative, funded by the Ministry of Education. During the past seven years from 1999 to February 2006, we successfully ran the Education and Research Corps for East Asian Studies at Korea University. In this program, we implemented Systematic education and research on East Asian political thought and international order. Through these efforts, we accumulated a great deal of experience and strengthened our human resources. Our program received the highest ranking over Consecutive terms. Our Department, therefore, is undoubtedly the best among all Korean universities. We will continue to work to maintain our leading position as both a research and educational institution.