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The primary mission of the Department of Political Science & International Relations at Korea University (hereafter referred to as "the Department ) is to theoretically explore how political institutions can strike a balance between the need to provide for societal order while upholding essential values and liberties, to examine newly arising issues in a dynamic international arena, and to pursue practical application of political science knowledge to bring benefits to society.

In order to achieve its principal goal, the Department seeks to provide vision and direction for the Country, in the face of rapidly changing domestic and international Conditions, while contributing in all facets of academics, education, policy, and disciplinary training.

The Department ranks high in key measures of educational performance, including an outstanding record of professor achievement, low student to professor ratio, employment of foreign faculty and enrollment of foreign students, and initiation of short and long-term training Courses. The department also serves as the hub of an extensive academic research network with linkages to social science research institutes both on and off of Campus. These significant advantages lay a firm foundation for the Department to achieve its goals.

Above all, our internationally renowned professors give their utmost to further strengthen the Department’s standing as Korea' stop-ranking World-class educational and research institution in the fields of Political Thought, Comparative Politics and International Relations.