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Director: Yong-Wook, Lee (Professor of Political Science & International Relations, Korea University)

The Education and Research Corps for East Asian Studies (ERCEAS) at Korea University, led by Professor Yong-Wook, Lee, was awarded a 7-year research grant as part of the Brain Korea 21 Project administered by the Ministry of Education in December of 1999. The Department's entire faculty participated to pursue the goal of academic excellence in research and in the training of future scholars.

Most importantly, the ERCEAS was able to enhance the educational quality and training in the field of East Asian studies. The driving force behind social and economic development in the 21st century will be effective advanced education, able to train the Creative individuals that create new knowledge and technology. The ERCEAS recognizes this reality and has developed a wide variety of systemic programs to support the development of the next generation of professional scholars. The ERCEAS has successfully conducted in-depth research of East Asia. This region, home to World powers including the United States, Japan, China and Russia, as well as ASEAN nations, has undergone some of the most dynamic change and development in the 21st Century. While East Asia Continues to experience democratization and regime change, traditional issues such as War and peace remain as important research issues. In the spirit of realism and academia, the research work of the ERCEAS had led to a variety of academic publications, including The Journal of East Asian Studies, Nation vs. State, Environment Matters: Conflicts, Refugees and International Relations, Contemporary Politics and National Issues, Theory of Contemporary International Relations, East Asia and a World Order in a Revolutionary Era, and Human Security in East Asia.

During the past seven years, the ERCEAS operated on an annual budget of \300,000,000 (approximately $300,000 US) which includes research grants and scholarships to support graduate students and emerging new researchers, the next generation of academic scholars.

The ERCEAS also publishes the Journal of East Asian Studies, and the graduate student journal East Asian Research. To further provide educational opportunities for researchers and students, the ERCEAS hosts the monthly "East Asia Colloquium' and offers overseas studies programs for graduate students. Over seven years, 73 students have participated in the short term study program, while ten have taken part in long-term programs. The World-class academic research Support projects administered by the ERCEAS have contributed to the advancement of leading scholars in the new knowledge-based society, and the Department of Political Science & International Relations has provided the foundation for students to acquire Competence in the field.