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Student Activity

In addition to the vigorous research of its faculty, the Department of Political Science & International Relations prides itself on is Support for Various undergraduate and graduate student activities. Students from the department engage in student Conferences, thesis Competitions and internships. The following are a few of the activities administered by the department.

1. The 'Anam Republic’ Mock National Assembly


Holding the tradition for the longest running student activity in Korea, the ‘Anam Republic’ Mock National Assembly was launched to promote interest in the pursuit of knowledge and truth within the spirit of Korea University’s academic tradition, as well as to promote international between the faculty and students. Shortly after becoming a university on September 21st, 1946, Korea University authorized the Anam Republic, appointing faculty members from various departments to spearhead its Creation. The Legal Studies Society and the Political Sciences Society both hosted the Anam Republic." Jong-bin Ham (Political Science, Class of '50) came up with the idea for Anam Republic after reading a biography of Glanstone, learning how Glanstone organized a Mock National Assembly during study at the University of Oxford. Professor Cheon-Ju Yoon, the Dean of the School of Political Science and Legal Studies at the time, proposed that the "Anam Republic, originally organized as a nation-wide event, be held on the Korea University campus, and that the agenda avoid current issues of the day, reflecting the difficulty of hosting the event and the unstable Korean domestic political climate. This followed rejection of initial attempts to hold the ‘Anam Republic’ at the National Assembly Hall and the Seoul City Government Complex, further illustrating the political sensitivities inflamed by the event. Eventually, the first Anam Republic Mock National Assembly was held at Bae-jae Middle School.

The Second Anam Republic Mock National Assembly was held in Taegu in 1952. Even in the midst of the Korean War, Korea University managed to host the event on its provisional Campus, forced to retreat south by the North Korean invasion. Held on December 21st of that year, the ‘102nd Session' of the ‘Anam Republic' focused on the ‘Amendment of the Farmers' Union Law and the ‘Draft Resolution to Amend the Farmland Reorganization Law’, with 80 students from Korea University representing the majority party, and a Coalition of 80 students from other universities forming the opposition party. The event drew particular attention, as it was held right immediately following political upheaval in Pusan.

Participating students applied knowledge acquired in the classroom to actual political procedures, and ran the ‘Anam Republic’ with standards that equaled or exceeded those of the real National Assembly. The Second ‘Anam Republic’ Mock National Assembly was a sensation, and is considered a major milestone in the history of Korea University.

Political reasons, however, forced an interruption in the ‘Anam Republic’ annual schedule in 1969. Except for a single session held in 1980, the event was called off until 1988. Resuming in 1989 with democratization, by 2005 36 sessions of the ‘Anam Republic’ had been held, making it one of the most important and influential student activities in Korea.

2. Other Student Activities


In addition to the Mock National Assembly, Korea University Political Science Department students actively participate in a variety of other different events, but most notably in the Model United Nations Conference-Korea and the Security Studies Debate Competition. The Model United Nations Conference-Korea (MUN-Korea) hosted by the United Nations Association of the Republic of Korea, is a Conference where university students, representing different Countries, simulate international negotiation and compromise. Korea University hosted the first MUN-Korea, and Korea University students have maintained a record of excellence, winning awards in Consecutive annual sessions. Most recently, the Korea University delegation dominated the tenth MUN-Korea hosted by Korea University during its Centennial Year, taking the first and second prizes in two Committees.

The excellent performance by the Korea University delegation in the Second Committee (the only English language Committee) led to their selection as South Korean representatives at the Asia Pacific Model United Nations Conference held in Beijing, where the delegation won the Best Speaker/Best Delegation Prizes. The annual Security Studies Discussion Competition, Organized to promote student national security dialogue in the World S only divided Country, began in 2002. Honorary Professor Sung-Joo Han and Professor In-taek Hyun from the Department first proposed and promoted the event, and continue to provide valuable support and advice to the hosting parties. The Department of Political Science&International Relations is constantly engaged in encouraging and nurturing student participation, an effort rewarded by the outstanding first and second place performance by Korea University students at the tenth MUN-Korea.