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For the past sixty years, the Department of Political Science & International Relations at Korea University has produced innumerable achievements in both academic and social fields. Our department Continues to put its utmost efforts into responding to the changes of the times and into leading the development of Political Science in Korea.

Political Science is not merely a study of objective events and phenomena. It also seeks a normative understanding of the World. In this respect, our Department has been carrying out Concrete, systematic, and organic research and education in three areas of Political Science: Political Thought, Comparative Politics and International Relations, We have placed equally strong emphasis on theoretical study; on the exploration of practical measures for building stronger and more effective political institutions in which the values and rights of life can be secured; and on the dynamics of major international trends and developments. Furthermore, We have achieved great success in educating a large pool of excellently trained and highly knowledgeable analysts and policy experts. Graduates of our Department are active in various walks of life in academia, politics, government, diplomacy, international organizations, business, media and non-governmental/non-profit organizations

Today, the social demand of experts who can analyze and forecast trends in international politics is becoming increasingly important: the World is growing more Complex, as both domestic and international actors have diversified and as a range of new and important issues have Created a transnational agenda revolving around democratization, globalization, and "informatization." The students, alumni, professors and the rest of the members of the Department are pooling efforts to meet the demands of the times. Our goal is to Cultivate the talent needed to Contribute to the increasingly diverse academic, educational, and policy areas of the 21st Century. In this regard, our emphasis is on the improvement of both undergraduate and graduate education based on the principles of "achievement-and-competition" and internationalization. In addition, we will further consolidate our standing as the best World-level educational research institution in Korea by building a Cooperative global network and by Creating and nurturing the highest quality talent and expertise within Our Department and campus.

We hope this website will serve as a useful guide for all students, researchers, and others who are interested in politics and Political Science. We also have high hopes that this website will lay the groundwork for a future network of Cooperation with related institutions in and outside of Korea through this network, We hope to expand the horizons of the social sciences. The faculty and staff of our department will work hard to ensure that our website provides Valuable information and analysis and that it becomes a focal point for mutual exchange

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