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Student Council

The active volcano of civil democracy, the student council of the department of political science and international relations. 


The student council is a student-led organization where membership is granted with entrance to Korea University. The organization is run democratically and autonomously. It is a foundation of the university which contributes to social-historic development through pursuing justice and seeks freedom and equality of the country. Following a passion and spirit of academic-ideologic study of our seniors, the student council tries to operate itself democratically and democratization of society through liberal-democratic autonomous activity. Besides, based on the ideology of Korea university, Libertas-Justitia-Veritas, it studies veritas freely and creatively, secures the right of the member, and contributes to building a democratic society. It consists of a general meeting, operation committee, student president, and executive committee. A student council of class, autonomous club, gender equality committee, and education right finding committee are affiliated in the student council. As a sub-body, the student council operates Model National Assembly Secretariat to critically assess political issues and present alternative policy solutions.