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The Department of Political Science & International Relations at Korea University has played a leading role in Korean society and the political science field since its establishment. In the current reality where "change" and "crisis" have become keywords, the department contemplates the role of politics and the essence of political science, and pursues theoretical analyses and practical solutions for political systems that guarantee the values and rights of members of the community, and for the rapidly changing international situation and the crisis of humankind. In addition to its role as an educational institution that cultivates professionals with expertise and public responsibility, the department is dedicated to its duty as a research institution that produces outstanding academic achievements and fosters the next generation of excellent scholars. As a result, graduates of the department have achieved remarkable success in various fields both domestically and internationally, including academia, politics, diplomacy, law, business, media, international organizations, and civil society.

Today's politics are characterized not only by the traditional topics of democracy and development, but also by emerging issues such as inequality, human rights, technology, and the environment. Furthermore, the importance of various actors and transnational agendas in international politics is constantly being emphasized. In response to contemporary demands for experts who can accurately analyze and predict such complex domestic and international situations, not to mention leaders who can communicate and reconcile conflicts, the department will continue to strive to fulfill its role as a world-class educational and research institution that provides a problem-solving mindset as well as intellectual insights to cultivate leaders for the future.

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Faculty members of the Department of Political Science & International Relations, Korea University.