Korea University Department of Political Science and International Relations

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1. Core Courses
Theories of Comparative Politics
Approaches in International Politics
History of Political Thought
2. Major Courses
Ancient and Medieval Political Thoughts
Modern Political Thoughts
Political Philosophy of Confucianism
Korean Political Thoughts
On Liberalism
On Identity
Comparative Study on Oriental and Occidental Political Thoughts
Nationalism and Patriotism
Constitutionalism, Ancient and Modern
East Asian Political Thought
Philosophy of Peace
Politics and Rhetoric

Comparative Study on Thoughts of Democracy in

East Asia

Taoist and Buddhist Political Thoughts
Modern Korean Political Thoughts
Colloquium on Social Contract
On Human Rights
On Democracy
On Global Citizenship
Contemporary Political Philosophy
On Multiculturalism
Democratic Leadership
Study on Political Thinkers
Political Theory Workshop
Graduate Reading Classics in Political Thought
3. Comparative Politics
Comparative Analysis of Political Culture
Comparative Study of Political Process
Comparative Study of Socialist System
Theory of the State
Comparative Study of Political Parties
Comparative Study of Bureaucracy
Research Design and Comparative Methods
Quantitative Analysis for Political Scientists
Korean Political Economy from a Comparative Perspective
Comparative Study on Democracy
Comparative Political Institutions
Analysis of Public Policy
Theories of Political Economy
Modern Japanese Politics
American Politics
The Soviet and Russian Politics
Study of the Politics in Latin America
Special Area Studies: Africa, East Europe, West Europe, etc.
European Politics
Modern Politics and Nationalism
Approach to Chinese Politics
Comparative Study on Corporate Governance in East Asia

Political Economy in East Asia

The Political Economy of Reform in China)

Research Seminar in Comparative Politics

Colloquium on Specific Topics of Comparative Politics

Capitalism and Democracy

Comparative Political Behavior

Comparative Political Economy

4. International Politics

Foreign Policy of North Korea

International Political Economy

Study on War

Advanced Studies on Korea-Japan Relations

Case Studies of War and Peace in East Asia

Foreign Policy Decision Making

Study of Empires

Foreign Policy of Korea

International Organizations

Security Studies

Politics of International Trade Relations

Korea and International Relations in Northeast Asia

International Relations of Southeast Asia

Seminar in American Foreign Policy

Seminar in Soviet and Russian's Foreign Policy

Seminar in Japanese Foreign Policy

Seminar in Chinese Foreign Policy

International Relations of the Middle East

International Relations of Latin America

Institutions and International Political Economy

International Ethics

International Political Economy in Korea

Culture and Global Society

Multinational Corporations and World Politics

Asian Economic Regionalism

Seminar on the Korea Reunification Issues

Nontraditional Security Studies

International Politics of Information and Technologies

Study of Multilateralism and Regional Cooperation in East Asia

International Relations of Southwest Asia

International Relations of Central Asia

Politics of Monetary and Financial Relations

Seminar on Military Strategy

International Relations of Contemporary Europe

NGOs and Global Civil Society

Global Environmental Politics

International Law and International Politics

Research Methods in International Relations

Colloquium on Specific Topics on International Relations

Seminar on Korea's Military Security