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The Department of Political Science & International Relations (hereinafter referred to as our department) at Korea University aims to explore theoretical perspectives on the ideal political system and order that can guarantee the values and rights of life in our society, as well as to seek practical solutions in response to newly emerging issues in the changing international environment. To achieve this goal, our department seeks to find ways to contribute to scholarship, education, and policymaking, to present the vision and direction that South Korea should pursue in rapidly changing domestic and international dynamics; we moreover aim to foster outstanding talents in this field.

Our department has already shown excellent performance in major educational through research accomplishments of professors, a high student-to-faculty ratio, the establishment of a human & institutional network infrastructure with core social science research institutes- both inside and outside the university, employment of foreign professors & admission of foreign students, and thorugh implementation of short/long-term study programs. These infrastructures will serve as important foundations for achieving the goals that our department pursues.

In particular, renowned professors from our department, who are recognized not only domestically but also internationally, are devoted to education/research in major fields such as political thought, comparative politics, and international politics, striving to establish our department as a leading educational and research institution with outstanding global competitiveness in Korea.